i am

Vivek Bhageria

I have extensive experience in design and management of Embedded Systems and IoT projects. Having worked in both development as well as testing, I have the ability and skills required to lead my team into successful product development as well as management.

My skills involve the complete ecosystem – Embedded Systems Hardware, Software, Communication and Cloud Integration

Over an year of experience with startups where I was responsible for product development, trainings and R&D setup of the company.

I have also been the technical consultant for a medical devices startup. My responsibilities included designing the electronic as well as cloud architecture for their device.

Technical Skills

Programming LanguagesC, Embedded C, Python
Embedded SkillsMicrocontroller configuration, circuit design, Microcontroller code in Embedded C, modules interfacing, Device Drivers, sensors, actuators
BoardsArduino, my own custom-made development board, Raspberry Pi, Asus Tinker Board
MCU8051, AVR family, MSP430G2 family
ProtocolsUART, AFDX, UDP, RS 485/422, Ethernet, CAN, SPI, I2C MQTT
IoT SkillsModules - ESP8266, NodeMCU, Bluetooth Data Gathering, Communication, Data processing
Embedded C 80%
Microcontrollers 80%
Model Based Development 80%
Internet of Things 80%
Embedded Systems 70%
Sensors 70%
Communication Protocols 70%
Cloud Computing 60%
Circuit Design 50%


AWS Cloud Practitioner

A few Projects that I can share about

Reaction timer for lower extremities 

This device was made to find out if the reaction time in children can be an early indicator of diabetes.

Primary Skill – Embedded Systems

Technologies – Embedded Systems, Embedded C

Automatic fluid discharge level meter in Chest drainage system

Standalone, battery powered device to measure the amount of body fluid collected in a jar and transmit it over Wi-Fi for centralized monitoring. There were many challenges to be overcome in this project but it was successfully completed.


 – The jar is vacuum sealed

 – No part of the device should ever come into contact with the body fluid

 – Body fluid properties are not consistent. It varies based on the constituents.

 – Device should be battery powered and should have the ability to run unattended for upto 4 days.

Primary Skill – Internet of Things (IoT)

Technologies – IoT, ESP8266, Cloud, Embedded Systems, Sensors

Prototyping of a jaw opener for OSMF patients

The jaw opener is an automatic device that open the mouth in a progressive manner based on inputs from doctor or patient without causing much pain to the patient.


– The primary challenge in the project was the selection of the actuator. It had to be powerful enough to overcome the resistance from the rigid oral fibres.

– For the selection of the actuator, we had to measure the force of the fibres from a patient.

Technologies – Embedded Systems, Actuators, Sensors

Home Temperature Monitor

This device monitors the temperature of the house and uploads the data to AWS Dynamo DB.

Primary Skill – Cloud Computing

Technologies – IoT, Sensors, ESP8266, Cloud Computing

Automatic Price Fall Notification


– Add a product and a target price

– Once the price of the product falls below the target price, the user receives an email notification

Primary Skill – Cloud Computing

Services – AWS Dynamo DB, AWS Lambda, AWS SNS